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Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı


About Us...
In the year 1970, when there was no hotel business in Bodrum; all the domestic and foreign tourists used to stay in the homes of Bodrum folk. Baç Pension started its hotel business in those years with the home pensionary.
Back side, Cumhuriyet Street known as Bodrum Bazaar; other side, heading Bodrum Castle and the azure waters of Bodrum, Baç Pension was redesigned by the famous interior architect of Izmir- Fikret Tan in 1955.
With its Italian rustic architecture and red mahogany furniture, Baç Pension has a very chic and elegant style.
In order to protect its fame and name recognition from the past, the pension keeps the name 'Baç' and now serves as a boutique hotel. 28 km from Milas Bodrum Airport and Bodrum main bus station is within the walking distance of 700 mt.
Baç Pension considers the hospitality and the hygiene to be the most important fact and it has been working hard for many years for the hotel guests to spend a good holiday.
Also, it welcomes you in the mornings on its fabolous terrace overlooking the sea and the castle with open buffet breakfast.
Those who want to have a joy ride and fun, as you walk out of Bac's door the colorful and cheerful Bodrum Bazaar will welcome you; and those who want to have some rest and relax, you will open your eyes to a blue Bodrum morning.
If you want a vacation in your dreams; choose Bac Pension and you will feel like at home.
Have a wonderful holiday!
Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 16 48400 Bodrum - Turkey • Tel: 0090 252 316 16 02 - 316 24 97 • Fax: 0090 252 316 79 17 - -
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